Quality Parenting Initiative

Partnership through the Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) Supports Families and Children Members of the Quality Parenting Initiative. From Left to Right: Victor Pulido, Feledier Thrower, Michelle Markovsky, Nicole Holt, Dana Young, Simoriah (Heaven) Bridgman, Roger De Leon.

When families cannot remain together safely, and child welfare agencies must intervene, it is essential that all involved feel like equal partners in a solutions-oriented process. DPSS embraces a family centered and strength focused approach as part of the Quality Parenting Initiative or QPI. QPI is a national initiative where social workers, resource families and biological parents work together to create an environment where children grow and thrive. Our CSD and QPI teamwork to safely reunify children with their biological parents whenever possible. If that is not possible, the teamworks to place children in stable, loving homes through

adoption permanently. A trusted partnership between the parents, resource family and social worker guides that process intending to seek the child’s best interests. “QPI emphasizes the importance of those close relationships, no matter what happens, so that there is a built-in long-term support system for that child,” said CSD Regional Manager Dana Young, who leads the county’s QPI team. Children’s Services embraces QPI’s approach to reduce trauma when removing children from their homes, shortening lengths of stay in foster care and ultimately leading to fewer unplanned placement changes and an increase in successful reunifications.

Annual Report 2021/2022

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