Starting in late April, Self-Sufficiency‘s mobile team fanned out across rural and agricultural communities across the county to reach older residents and help them apply for Medi-Cal in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways, which included informational sessions conducted in Spanish. Outreach workers took over 50 applications in the first three months of the Medi-Cal expansion campaign that was done in partnership with TODEC Legal Center, an immigrant advocacy organization based in Perris.

Isabel Coronel, a 77-year-old retired farmworker, said she knewmany like herself who would benefit from the expansion. Coronel mentioned that COVID-19 had impacted her and others with limited access to health care during the pandemic. “I am glad that I am still alive to witness this moment,” she said. In Riverside County, there are nearly 900,000 residents enrolled in Medi-Cal. Statewide, there are about 14.5 million.

Leaders from DPSS‘s Self Sufficiency Division gather at the department‘s office in Banning. (From left to right) Mike Maniglia, Daniel Vejar, Allison Gonzalez and Renee Sauve.

Annual Report 2021/2022

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