Welfare-to-Work Success

Alicia Rodriguez

Alicia Rodriguez, Office Support Supervisor in Adult Services.

Alicia Rodriguez decided to seek help from one of our department’s many Self- Sufficiency offices. “As a customer, you assume there are only three ways the County can help; food, cash aid and Medi-Cal through the CalWORKS program” recalled Rodriguez. The department provided Rodriguez with a housing voucher, cash aid, and assistance through theWelfare-to-Work program including childcare. Having a place to live and cash aid to support her three children helped her focus on her next steps toward economic independence.

“Welfare-to-Work helped me get back on my feet,” said Rodriguez. “They ensured I was on the right path to becoming self-sufficient. Receiving this help inspired me to seek employment within the department.” DPSS hired Rodriguez as a temporary assistant and 8 months later, she was offered a permanent position as an Eligibility Services Clerk. “The Welfare-to-Work program and counselors continued to provide job mentorship to help me advance my career,” she said. Through the program, Rodriguez didn’t just find a job. She found a career she’s passionate about. Rodriguez has been with the department since 2010 and is now an Office Support Supervisor for Adult Services.

Annual Report 2021/2022

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